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06 March 2012

Having launched our new programme, Access Literacy, at the British Dyslexia Association's International Conference in Harrogate in 2011, we felt confident that there would be professional interest shown at the TES Special Needs Exhibition at the Business Design Centre in London in October. We were not disappointed!

Access Literacy was produced in response to a growing pressure and demand for us to produce a complete programme for the secondary sector. We were amazed by the number of teachers telling us of the growing number of students starting their secondary education with little or no reading ability. We were even more amazed when they told us of the shortage of age appropriate literacy resources, and that they knew of no comprehensive, developmental, structured literacy programme that could support these students, or them as teachers. We have been delighted therefore, to exhibit Access Literacy at the TES show in London. The response and take-up has been terrific. The secondary sector has clearly been waiting for Access Literacy to arrive!

If you'd like a sample disc or further information about Access Literacy or any of our products, why not give us a ring on 01884881267, or email us at today.

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