Dyslexikit is a system of teaching and learning materials for adults to use with children aged 5 - 13 years who are finding reading, reading comprehension, spelling and handwriting difficult. Although written primarily for children who are dyslexic, all children learning literacy skills will benefit from Dyslexikit.

Children with dyslexia process information in a non-conventional way, and for this reason, conventional teaching has let them down. Their way of learning does not conform to the ordinary methods of teaching currently employed in schools.

For some children who have difficulty learning, it is the pace and style of the National Literacy Strategy that does not allow learning to take place. Sometimes even school learning support or special needs teaching does not seem to work. These children remain trapped behind a closed door. They cannot unlock the door, let alone open it.

Sound Familiar?

If this sounds at all familiar then take a look at Dyslexikit. The programme teaches dozens of skills and strategies combining reading, spelling and handwriting instruction and practice. Every skill and strategy has its own set of activities for the learner; every activity has its own page of instruction for the adult facilitator. There is so much detail that adults will feel secure in the knowledge that what they are teaching will move their child forward. Plenty of opportunity for practice and repetition throughout the kits provides the learner with opportunity for success and thereby gives them confidence in their new skills.

Our materials work because these children need a system that:

  • is appropriate to their unconventional learning style
  • is non-threatening and can go at their pace
  • is bite-size and repetitive in approach
  • presents a skill in many different ways
  • is fun and simple, yet gently challenging
  • alleviates frustration
  • instills confidence and raises self-esteem

We are also acutely aware of parents’ and teachers’ anxiety, panic and frustration.

What they continually tell us is that they are looking for materials that:

  • empower them as non-specialists
  • direct them
  • inform and educate both adult and child
  • are non-conventional, because their children are failing through ordinary methods
  • have a little and often approach
  • entail little preparation

Look no further

We recommend that you start the Dyslexikit programme from the beginning and work through systematically – even if you feel that your child already has some literacy skills. The reasons for this are explained in the first Dyslexikit which you can order though the purchase page on this website.

Your child will enjoy making his/her own set of reading and spelling cards. S/he will learn sounds, letters and words in an achievable way, discover the secrets of spelling, as well as learn the easy way to join up writing. There will be puzzles to work out, games to play and much, much more.

Each activity worksheet for your child will also have accompanying, detailed instructions for you. As you learn the best way to help your child, s/he will come to believe that literacy is within her/his reach.

Experience tells us there really is no quick-fix solution for a child with dyslexia. We must begin by rebuilding the foundations of literacy, and this takes time. By following the Dyslexikit programme you will provide your child with the key that will unlock the door to literacy.

Give it a try.