Please take the time to read some of the feedback we have received from users of Dyslexikit. We have received an amazing response from parents, teachers and SENCOs who have either used, or seen the results, from our materials.


Feedback on Dyslexikit

Access Literacy provides a new dimension to the work done on Dyslexikit by our older students. Access Literacy is an ideal companion programme for Dyslexikit….. Dyslexikit works well for our younger learners but it just wasn’t engaging the older children in the same way. Some of our older children have been supported by the Dyslexikit programme since they were in Year 1….. When we looked at what to use after Dyslexikit 20 it was suggested we try the Access Literacy programme. We are so pleased we took their advice; the children love it and have responded well to the programme. We have been able to revisit some of the earlier concepts and, while the format is familiar to the children and support staff who administer the programme, the new graphics make it a fresh experience.

SENCo (Manchester)

Dyslexikit was recommended to me by a teacher friend. I ordered the first book to see what it was like. My very dyslexic 8 year old son just loved it. I found it really easy to follow ( I’m also dyslexic) and it really goes slowly enough so that he doesn’t get confused. We are now up to Dyslexikit 8 and he is a different boy – he’s confident and enjoying learning and has learnt some brilliant strategies for reading and spelling and his handwriting has really improved. I’m delighted that his school has now bought the whole programme and so he works on it at school and I follow up at home. I’d recommend the programme to any parent looking for a literacy programme to support their child.

TG (Parent)
East Sussex

We have now had the Dyslexikit programme in place for nearly 2 years. We use it as our main literacy support resource. It is so well planned and thought out. The results speak for themselves; all the children on the programme have made impressive advances with their literacy levels – it has been especially beneficial for the large number of children we have for whom English is their second language. We are really very impressed by the programme and would certainly recommend it.


We started using the Dyslexikit programme on a one-to-one basis with a child with greatly delayed literacy. We were so impressed by the programme that we now use it with a number of children across Key Stages 1 & 2 on a one-to-one and with small groups to great effect. The kids love it and respond well and the staff can’t fault it. Thank you.


I’m about to start working with a 10 year old girl with dyslexia. We have looked at the first kit together. I’m impressed with the easy to follow instructions and my student is keen to give it a go. I’m seriously thinking of ordering more kits.

JD (Acting SENCO)
West Sussex

Dyslexikit is a very impressive resource. We now feel we are in a much better position to support those children in the school who are struggling with literacy acquisition.


Dyslexikit is an excellent programme ideally suited for use in Key Stages 1 & 2.

KT (Headteacher)

Dyslexikit has made a positive difference for my son. His ability and confidence have continued to grow since he started on the programme. His school were so impressed with the improvement in his reading, spelling and handwriting that they have bought the entire Dyslexikit programme.

Mrs DB (Parent)

We are an international school. Dyslexikit was recommended by the BDA. It has proven to be a very effective programme in supporting children learning English as a second language as well as those experiencing difficulty in English Literacy.

CF (Teacher/SENCO)

I work with a small group of children in our primary school who really struggle with their literacy. We have tried a number of programmes, but Dyslexikit is by far the most effective and well written, and the children just love it.

SW (Teaching Assistant)

Simple, easy to use, logical, fun, effective. What more could you want in a resource? This is probably the best literacy programme I’ve seen.

East Sussex

Why hasn’t this been produced before? It’s the perfect programme!

SM (Specialist Independent Tutor)

There is a gap at the top end of Primary, and in lower Secondary for age appropriate SEN resources. Dyslexikit is certainly going some way toward filling that gap. As the school SENCO, I have found Dyslexikit an excellent developmental literacy resource that supports the National Curriculum and works well with our literacy programme. Both staff and students find it enjoyable and easy to follow. It is making literacy more achievable for those children who are struggling with the basics.

Dyslexikit certainly has a place in 1 to 1 learning support, but is also a useful resource for all teachers

Bampton School, Devon

I am using the Dyslexikit programme to support SEN children in Years 5 & 6. The children are enjoying the programme and learning useful strategies that I see them using in their work. I have found the Dyslexikits really user-friendly.

It’s a logical, easy to follow and clearly set out programme that is completely self explanatory. Dyslexikit is appealing to the children with it’s bright and colorful artwork and the children really enjoy the activities, especially the games

Bampton School, Devon

Feedback on Access Literacy

We have used the Dyslexikit programme for three years and are delighted with the results. Dyslexikits are so bright and colourful and engage young children brilliantly. We have recently moved several Year 5 children onto the Access Literacy programme as we felt they had outgrown the Dyslexikits. Access Literacy uses more mature graphics in muted tones but supports learners equally well in its content. The children have responded really well to the new programme - they love the graphics and are progressing well. We are very pleased with both programmes.

SENCo (Leicester)

The knowledge, skills and understanding that constitute high quality phonic work should be taught as the prime approach in learning to decode and encode.

Sir Jim Rose

This is an impressive resource. I’ve seen nothing that compares with its clear presentation, brilliantly thought out instructions and activities that develop in such a logical and complete way.

GF (Head of Learning Support Unit)

Access Literacy hits the mark. My older students love it and are learning well. Their confidence and self-esteem have soared.

MW (Independent tutor)
West Sussex

I’ve looked for something for years - for the perfect programme for our KS3 students. I’ve found it at last!

JH (Sec School SENCO)