As parents, you want your children to be literate. Children learn to read and acquire reading comprehension skills once they have an understanding of phonics. The ideal is for children to be able to write legibly, spell well, and read with ease and enjoyment. School is mainly a book based environment and so it is worrying and frustrating for parents when children begin to struggle with one or more of these key elements of literacy.

Children acquire and develop their literacy skills at different rates. Delayed literacy need not point to a learning disability, more often than not, it is more to do with learning difficulties than disability. Either way, it is always a good idea to talk to your child’s teacher, or the teacher in charge of SEN ( Special Education Needs) should you have concerns.

Specifically Designed to be Easy to use and Effective

At Dyslexikit we are keenly aware of the concerns parents experience. This has been the primary reason for producing our materials. We want to give you the information to help you understand the problems, and the tools to deal with them in a straightforward and effective way.

Dyslexikit and Access Literacy are easy to use because they are jargon-free, have simple but detailed instructions at every step, and just about everything you need is provided in our Kits and CDs. Dyslexikit and Access Literacy are effective because they have been designed by a specialist teacher and a parent, they are written in a step-by-step progressive fashion, and learners are motivated by the non-threatening games and activities which provide constant success.

A wealth of support

.....and you are not alone! We are always here to help and support you. We are easy to contact and one of us will always respond to your enquiries. We have a wealth of expertise and experience and we will help if we can. Just drop us a line in an email or give us a ring.