Dyslexikit and Access Literacy are structured, phonics based, literacy programmes perfect for schools, HE and FE use, especially by busy teachers. Among the many teaching resources available Dyslexikit and Access Literacy stand out as complete SEN literacy programmes. Specialist training in working with children with dyslexia is not essential.

Use the programmes with confidence knowing that full instructions are there at every step of the way, on every page, in detailed, jargon-free language. There is very little preparation to do; indeed, all the activities can be printed in full colour from the Dyslexikit or Access Literacy discs.

Dyslexikit and Access Literacy are easily implemented by teachers, SENCOs and Teaching Assistants.

We believe Dyslexikit and Access Literacy are the Most Complete SEN Resource Available

Heavily phonics based, and using a building block approach, Dyslexikit and Access Literacy could be the most complete SEN resources available capable of supporting learners with limited, or no literacy skills.

Reading, reading comprehension, spelling and handwriting are often taught separately in schools, but we believe that a more coordinated approach, where all these elements are taught together, provides children with a better understanding of literacy skills. Each element - reading, reading comprehension, spelling and handwriting - supports the others by moving along at the same time, therefore tackling under-achievement in key areas.