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Feedback on Access Literacy from SENCo

09 March 2018

We have used the Dyslexikit programme for three years and are delighted with the results. Dyslexikits  are so bright and colourful and engage young children brilliantly. We have  recently moved several  Year 5 children onto the Access Literacy programme as we felt they had outgrown the Dyslexikits.  Access Literacy uses more mature graphics in muted tones but supports learners equally well in its content. The children have responded really well to the new programme -  they  love the graphics and are progressing well. We are very pleased with both programmes.

LC – SENCo (Leicester)

Access Literacy provides a new dimension to the work done on Dyslexikit by our older students. Access Literacy is an ideal companion programme for Dyslexikit….. Dyslexikit works well for our younger learners but it just wasn’t engaging the older children in the same way. Some of our older children have been supported by the Dyslexikit programme since they were in Year 1….. When we looked at what to use after Dyslexikit 20 it was suggested we try the Access Literacy programme. We are so pleased we took their advice; the children love it and have responded well to the programme. We have been able to revisit some of the earlier concepts and, while the format is familiar to the children and support staff who administer the programme, the new graphics make it a fresh experience.

AM-SENCo (Manchester)

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